Hello World!  Or to borrow from  @robertdickau, Hellno, world.

My name is Nick Skitch and I’m employed as a build engineer at a software company in Bellevue, Washington.  I’ve been jointly, but mostly solely, handing the software deployment for our company.

In 2008 I was thrown into this position with literally no training and no more than a stack of outdated reference material for Installshield Professional 6.

Since then I’ve learned a tremendous amount about Windows Installer technology and the software we love to hate, Installshield.  I’ve been using the Premeier edition versions 2008,’09,’10, and today’s 2011.  Along the way I’ve learned so many lessons, and had so many things I wish I’d have shared.  Well, it’s not too late to share, hence the creation of this blog.

I intend for this blog to be about, you guessed it,.. software deployment and whatever technology I’m using to accomplish it.   I’ll talk about our internal build practices, tips I’ve picked up along the way, problems, and (hopefully) solutions.  Just putting it all out there.

As many know, software deployment is a niche field that doesn’t get a lot of attention (or respect) as compared to software development.  Try finding a book on it at barnes and noble. No such luck! (Correction: @buildgeek points out this book.  Maybe there are more I haven’t seen? Msg me.)

I’m at a point in my life where I want to take this seriously and go to the next level.  I think part of that is getting better connected with my peers in the online community.

Now time for a disclaimer..  I’m not going to pretend I’m an authority on any of this stuff. I don’t mean to sound pretentious with the name “Build Maestro”, this was just a lighthearted nickname given to me here at work.  The purpose of this blog is merly to share my thoughts, which can be incorrect.  If that’s the case, I’m putting it all out there and I’m subject to user’s feedback, so please dish it.

I’m not only looking forward to this being a growth experience for myself, but also to help whomever does a Google search and finds a posting that saves them some time,.. or Advil.  Let the blogging begin!

-Nick Skitch

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