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TweetDeck and Adobe AIR constant annoying updates.

This isn’t really related to software deployment.  But, because twitter is a tool of my BuildMaestro online persona, this is where I’m gonna rant!   It seems like every other time I start TweetDeck I get a VERY annoying popup notifying me there’s an update for Adobe AIR (what Tweet Deck, a twitter client, runs on).  I usually hit the ‘update later’ button, but this just kicks the can down the road (sort of like QE and the impending sovereign debt crisis) and the nag screen just waits for the next time I use the app.

I’m but a mere user who has no idea what your update does, and I’m certanly the last person to know if this particular update is critical or just an agile development 2 week release cycle.  I say, if you need to update, at least give me the option to have it silently done in the background. But Alas, digging around through the settings and Googling provided me with no hints.

Then I stumbled on this:

Q: Is it possible to disable Adobe AIR auto-updates?

A: Yes. You can turn the AIR update feature on or off via the AIR SettingsManager application. The AIR SettingsManager application is available for download athttp://airdownload.adobe.com/air/applications/SettingsManager/SettingsManager.air.

Adobe highly recommends that, if you disable automatic updates, you manually apply all runtime updates as soon as possible.

Yes!  No more nagging.  I’ll update when there’s a critical exploit in the news or my twitter client falls to it’s knees with version obsolescence.    I think it’s kind of funny that you have to download a separate Adobe AIR application just to change a setting!

Another very annoying update notifier is the Java VM client.  Same applies here and I was able to also turn this off via the Control Panel java applet settings.

  1. Billy Connolley
    August 5, 2011 at 2:10 pm

    I’ve got updated disabled in the Air Settings manager but Tweetdeck still demands that I update several times a day.

    Plan A: find out where I’m going wrong.
    Plan B: uninstall Tweetdeck and use something else instead.

    Thoughts anyone?

  2. Anon
    October 1, 2011 at 1:47 pm

    I agree this is very annoying with what seems to be constant updates from Adobe on all their software. I think this is actually more to do with combating Software Piracy than actually updating the software. If you update any of their software it scans your installed Adobe software and if it has a fake key or patch Adobe knows about, next time you reboot your computer this software will no longer work.

  3. JD
    February 22, 2013 at 4:50 pm

    Isn’t all this updating just another way of gathering marketing data so they can sell your email for ads??? hum??? Java is–whenever there is a weekly update, it tells me they want to glean info about where and what you searched for or purchased–all part of “free” enterprise. But what really is annoying you are not given a choice whether you want to allow their malware working in the background for their purposes or chose not to–now that’s against freedom of choice and a violation of personal rights. I say if these companies want to play around with information gathering, they should be paying US for using our computers. Why is it that companies have turned to cloak and dagger methods, absolute lies, bullying tactics and underhanded means to make mega bucks at our expense? Less government–need to think about that.

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